1 - Using Youtube to Make Money with Adfly:
Many people enjoy making videos and posting them to youtube. Some make a busienss out of it by embedding ads into the videos.
One thing that you can do to build additional revenue is to use adfly along with your youtube videos.
Here are some simple steps to make money on youtube using Adfly:
Step 1. Sign up for a Youtube acount if you don't have one yet.
Step 2. Look up the latest music news. You can do a simple google search looking for new music or new songs or go to a site like http://www.sweetslyrics.com/  and look for the latest music news. Very often if not daily, a new song or mix tape is released from some very famous artists. The more famous the artist the more money you make from this method. Now, go through and get as many new song names as possible. Now you should have a nice list of recently released hot music.
Step 3. Take your list of songs over to youtube and search to see if any of them have already been uploaded. You can duplicate videos using keepvid. You can then add instructions using Movie Maker at the beginning of the video and at the end of the video to suggest to viewers to watch similar videos or find out more news about the artist and other goodies by following your link at the bottom of the video.
Step 4. Find links to news and other videos about the artist that created the music video and shorten them with adfly.
Step 5. Upload your video back up to Youtube with a description that talks about similar videos and news about the artist and your adfly links below the video. Make sure the title of the video includes the name of the artist and the name of the song.
Good titles make your video easier to find in the search engines.
Step 6. Promote your video. Start by finding a related video, perhaps another music video from the same artist and post a video comment with your video. You will also want to go to the music fosums like Digital Spy and Buzz Jack and post the links to your video. Once your video starts getting a consistent stream of views, it will start to gain popularity naturally.

2 - Sharecash + Adfly Method:
This is a good method that also leverages some of the techniques we used in the previous section with youtube. Sharecash is site where you can upload digital items and you get paid whenever someone downloads your file. However before anyone can download the file he needs to fill quick survey first.
Sharecash link: Sharecash.
You can use this method in conjunction with youtube by using the following steps:
Step 1. Create a youtube account
Step 2. Find a niche. This can be any subject that people may be interested in. Exercise or dieting could be a good example.
Step 3. Now search around the internet. You'll want to target information that will give you resource material for a good tutorial. For instance in the case of fitness and dieting, you may want to search for training techniques.
Step 4. At this point, you can either write an ebook yourself or you can find a free ebook in the niche and downoad it. There are many places to find PLR ebooks for download.
Step 5. Now Upload your ebook to sharecash
Step 6. Find some before and after pictures of transformed bodies. These will be pictures that you'll use to show someone before they use your ebook and after.
Step 7. Now use movie maker to merge the pictures together and write some text that looks professional. At the end of the video, write "Read description for download link to my eBook".
Step 8. Upload the video, give it a catchy title and tag line.
Step 9. Now take the link from your sharecash file with the ebook you uploaded on sharecash and shrink it with adf.ly. Post the link in the description

3 - Craigslist Method:
This method is simple to execute. Because of it's simplicity, most people don't even realize that it can be a very effective way to advertise and get clicks to your adfly links. The method is to use craigslist to spread your adfly links.
However, if you want to be successful with this method, you do need to do a little footwork up front.
Step 1. You want to get your hands on a free giveaway. You can write a free ebook or you can find free PLR e-books online that you can use as your free giveaway.
Step 2. Pick a location from craigslist where you want to advertise. Primarily you want to choose locations where adfly clicks pay out better. Here is a list of countries and their respective payouts:
Country CPM:

So, just pick a location that pays the best.
Step 3. Go to your online classifieds and create your advertisement. Just indicate that you are offering your free gift for a limited time only. They can download their gift by following your link below. Then give them your adfly link for the download.
This is a simple method, but surprisingly effective.
The second way to earn from online classifieds is a bit sneakier.
You can list something popular for a ridiculously low price. Indicate that it has minor cosmetic damage. So, for instance, and iPad for $100 with minor cosmetic damage. 100% working, etc…
Then put your adfly link with the message click here for a picture. You can potentially get thousands of clicks on your adfly link.
The actual product when people inquire can be one of those offers to fill out a survey for a chance to win… etc.. you can find tons of those kinds of offers online through a simple search.

4 - Pastebin Method:
Pastebin is a site that allows you to publish articles. The benefit of pastebin is that you can include any number of links of any type in the article. So if you create an article that gives a lot of value with multiple adfly links, it will still be published in pastebin. The other advantage is that these articles are published to the public and can often go viral.
As you can see, if you can create a good article and include several links you have good potential for significant earnings. This is a really good way to promote useful tutorials as tutorials are the type of documents that contains links and have potential to go viral if they are particularly valuable.
Step 1. Go to http://www.pastebin.com and sign up.
Step 2. Just create an article. A tutorial or other article that would include some links to downloads or other reference websites. Make sure that all the links are shortened adfly links. Step 3. Publish your article and make sure it's public.
At this point, you can wait and see if your article goes viral.

5 - Facebook Method:
Here's a method you can use with Facebook to get a lot of clicks on your gadfly links. There's a bit of code involved, but that is included here for you.
For a start you will need a simple product. Again an ebook will suffice. You can write your own or download one from the internet.
Step 1. Create a Facebook page. You'll want to give it a name that will draw some attention. Call it how to meet girls or how to lose weight. How to win a fight. etc…
Just make sure that whatever you select it will be a concept that your visitors will like.
Step 2. Chose Local Business then press "create official page".
Step 3. After your page is created, upload a relevant picture, but make sure that the picture just gives a hint about the subject of your page without giving away your product.
Step 4. After this you will want to edit the page. Just click on "edit page" beneath your profile pictures. Delete all the unnecessary applications.
Step 5. In the search box in the facebook banner, search for "static fbml" and a page should come up, beneath the picture select "add to my page" then add the page you just created.
Step 7. Get your adf.ly link that links to your content and shorten it. Copy that link to use later on. Do this for all your links.
Step 8. Go back to your page and click edit page beneath the picture and you should see a new box under applications called "static fbml"
Click on edit for that application. It will take you to a new page. Where it says box title, enter something like "CLICK HERE" and then where it says fbml: copy and paste the following into there replacing the bold text with what it tells you to put there.
<span style="font-family: Arial Narrow;"><span
style="font-weight: bold;">Please Like This page To See ***ENTER WHATEVER YOUR CONTENT IS***</span></span><br>
<a href="***ENTERYOURBIT.LYLINKINHERE***">Click Here
</fb:visible-to-connection> Then Press Save.
Step 9. (optional) If your content has multiple links you'll add the following code at the end:
<a href="***ENTERYOURBIT.LYLINKINHERE***">Click Here
as many times up to 20 times ensuring all of them are on seperate lines and above the
So, the end of your code should look like the following: Code:
<span style="font-family: Arial Narrow;"><span
style="font-weight: bold;">Please Like This page To See ***ENTER WHATEVER YOUR CONTENT IS***</span></span><br>
<a href="***ENTERYOURBIT.LYLINKINHERE***">Click Here
<a href="***ENTERYOURBIT.LYLINKINHERE***">Click Here
<a href="***ENTERYOURBIT.LYLINKINHERE***">Click Here
<a href="***ENTERYOURBIT.LYLINKINHERE***">Click Here
Step 10. Go back to the "edit page" page. Under wall settings you'll see a section where it says "Default landing tab for everyone else." Edit that section. Then select your "CLICK HERE" tab or whatever you named it.
Now you just need to promote your Facebook page around the web.

6 - Sharing Warez Links:
You should be aware that this method has risks. By going through this method, I am in no way advocating committing any crimes or TOS violations with gadfly.
I am simply laying out one other method for educational purposes only.
To get you started, a relating Google Search. You can just search for popular software names and include "warez" or "keygen" in your search terms. You'll find a lot Popular Warez Sites to share your adf.ly links. Popular Keygens ;
Some popular gens can be for Adobe Products, Kaspersky Trial Resetter (I've seen tons of views on those topics), ESET Antivirus Keys (Name them to last untill exactly ten years. x-x-2021 - Mass Clicks). Other great ones can be for the newest games or popular applications. But this is really an easy, easy part.
Popular Software ;
There are a numerous amount of software products that people use on a daily basis. Look for items such as:
* Adobe Acrobat
* Adobe After Effects
* Adobe PhotoShop (Probably Portable's Better)
* DivX Player Pro (+Patch)
* Fraps (Latest)
* WinRAR (Activated)
* Internet Download Manager (Mass Pop)
* Microsoft Office Products
* Portable Applications
* Windows 7, Windows 8
* Sony Vegas Pro
And tons, tons of other things you can think of.
Now you can simply shrink the links to the download pages and spread your adfly links around the wares forums that you located.
You can essentially repeat this process for any number of sites that are of interest to the general public.

The Limits of Your Imagination
As you can see, you are limited only by your imagination. There are a variety of methods that can work successfully to earn you a steady stream of income.
The methods covered in this book are proven and simple and effective to implement.
You'll find that by following these simple steps, you'll be earning a decent amount of passive income from adfly very quickly.