How To Make Monney With

Here are Few points that Help with
1) Average rate Paid by  is  $4.00 per 1000 clicks. (View more)
2) Gives Payment Monthly through Paypal or Alertpay.
3) Minimum Payment Threshold to get money out of account is $5.
4) Its possible to check revenue collected by each link in real time after log in account .
5) is a Ads Network with a Difference .It is Possible to get your blog Advertised by They Charge More for it But that is where do buisness.
6) has many tools like Mass shrinker, Google analytic, Bookmark-let, Full page script, Website entry script, Export links and stats.
7) Don't Hesitate to use shortened links in Tweets, facebook, Google+ and ofcourse your personal blog. Each Link collects Revenue of its own.
8) is not scam. (View proof from adf)

STEP 1: Go to

Make money online

STEP 2: Sign Up for a Publisher account with their service and confirm your email

Make money online

STEP 3: In the shortening link section, enter any link you want and in a few seconds, It will turn into a short link

Make money online

STEP 4: Share these links online and you will earn a bit of money when someone clicks on one of your links

Make money online
You can share your link on facebook, Twitter, Google+, Forum, Blog ...

Example of Adf Link: